Choosing A Commercial Printer: Comprehensive Guide

Choosing A Commercial Printer: Comprehensive Guide

There are many reasons why you may need to know tips for Choosing A Commercial Printer. The quality of work that’s provided is a reflection of your business in the end and you need to make sure you’re making the right choice when it comes to this task.

There are tips and pieces of advice you can follow that will help you choose a commercial printer and ensure you’re satisfied with the outcome. Use this comprehensive guide to help you know what to look for and which type of commercial printer may be the best partner for you and your requirements.

Level of Customer Service

You’re going to want to look at the level of customer service your professional or commercial printer offers. Communication is going to be key to having a successful end result and following your instructions. You need to find a company that will listen to you and address any concerns right away. It’s all about getting personalized support and the attention you deserve when you’re spending a lot of money on printing projects. You may also require more technical help and advice as you place your orders and need to make sure the commercial printer can deliver in this area. It may also be better to have a project manager assigned to you than always having to speak to someone new each time you contact them. They should return calls or emails promptly and work to resolve your concern in a timely and professional manner.

Another area of customer service you may want to have as part of the commercial printer you choose is the willingness to offer guidance and suggestions. This is an added level of customer service that will be useful to you and you should search out. You want to work with a professional printer that is eager to provide guidance and valuable suggestions to you, especially when they see a better or new way of completing your projects. When the printer offers ideas and solutions to you then they can help you become more efficient and effective at your business. It may be that they find ways to save you money or improve the layout and visuals of your print materials. You want a company that can guide you to improving the look and feel of your designs and not just always prints off what you give them without questioning it.

A Good Reputation

When choosing a commercial printer, you should make sure they have a good reputation. You can gain a lot of knowledge and insights from reading reviews from other customers and knowing how long they’ve been in business. Always do your homework before choosing a commercial printer and know what to expect from the company you decide to go with. Remember that if you have a good experience with a professional printing company that it’ll be helpful to others if you go online and leave a review of your own. Find out how long they’ve been in business and what type of experience they have regarding the kind of projects you’re looking to have done. Make sure they’re keeping up to speed with the latest developments in the printing business and industry. Learn more about the parent company and owner and what sets them apart and makes them different and better from the rest.

Affordable Pricing

As a business owner, you have a budget of your own you must meet and follow. You likely can’t afford to be overspending on your marketing and printing materials. Therefore, you should consider which printing companies out there not only have a good reputation but also affordable pricing. You should not only look for fair and competitive pricing but know what else you get with that cost such as better customer service and advancements in technology and new printing practices. It’s all about the value for the dollar and making sure your project is done correctly and with attention to detail. There are many ways a printing company can add value and make it worth the cost such as listening to your needs and delivering your order on time, if not ahead of time.

Technology & Capabilities

It may also help if your commercial printing company has a range of capabilities and services. This way it can be a one-stop shop for you no matter what type of printing projects you need to complete. You want to work with a company that has a lot of equipment and services so there are no limitations when it comes to the scope of your order. You’ll have a wider selection of printing options when you opt to work with a printer that can handle a variety of orders and types of projects. They not only need to have the right equipment but also the right printing expertise. You might want to work with a company that’s on the cutting edge of new printing practices and types of services so that your needs will also be met in the future as your business grows. They should not only be able to handle the type of projects you need to be fulfilled but the quantities of it as well.

Another capability you may want your commercial printer to have has to do with data security and privacy. There may be personal information you’re providing that can’t be compromised. Therefore, find out what software and best practices they have in place that will keep the information you’re giving over to them secure and out of harm’s way. Your sensitive data needs to be in good hands or it puts you and your business at risk.

Meets Deadlines

The last situation you want is for your commercial printer to be late delivering your order. You must be able to rely on your commercial printer and know that they’ll get you the materials either on time or early. On-time deadlines and efficiency are a huge part of what will help make you more successful as a business owner. Your orders should not only be done on time but also be of high quality and even exceed your expectations. You don’t have time to and can’t afford to have to deal with delays and mistakes from the printer. There may also be times when you’re in an emergency situation and need materials printed more quickly than usual. In this case, you need to be able to depend on your commercial printer and know they’ll agree to and can get you projects very quickly when you’re in a bind.


When choosing a commercial printer, quality management should always be a top concern for you. The outcome and what the project looks like reflect on your business too. You can’t be sending out materials that are blurry or have poor coloring. You should work with a printing company that prides itself on offering end results that are of the utmost quality and impressive. It may help to look through the portfolio of samples from a printer you’re considering hiring before you do to see what type of work they typically produce. In addition, you should speak to past customers and learn more about reasons they like or don’t like working with the commercial printer. It should be clear about what type of results you’re going to get from the company so you don’t have to worry about it being quality work or not. It needs to be a genuine and authentic concern about how your projects look and turn out.


You want to choose a commercial printer that you can trust. It’s essentially a business partnership and you must be able to count on them to help you achieve your goals. You need them to practice professionalism and treat you with respect and as a valued client. It’s important that they stay true to their word and don’t let you down or lie to you about when your orders will be completed. They should not only be able to answer all the questions you have and be eager to help you but also patient and accommodating to your needs. You’re relying on them to meet your requirements and ensure that you’re building a strong business relationship where trust is the foundation. Collaboration is essential and they should be willing and enthusiastic about working with you and alongside you.  


Choosing the right commercial printer is a tough job and requires a lot of careful consideration on your part. It’s not a decision you should make quickly and overnight. These tips and main points will help you know what information you should be gathering and looking over as you try to select a commercial printer. The wrong choice could put you in a bad position and cause your business stress and strain as well. It’s not just about getting your project on time and done right but that it’s quality work and that you get the level of customer service you deserve, especially if there are any issues or delays. It’s not only about honest and open communication but also that the commercial printer excels in the area of project management.

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